Sunrise Shadow Welcomes You!

Welcome to the home of Sunrise Shadow. Check out our living room/backyard concerts as an option to take advantage of the fall weather. These have been so incredible to take part in and they really take an event to the next level.  Powerful memories are never in short supply.  A special thanks to Frank and Tim for helping us out!  See you soon!!!  


Fall Schedule updates... 

We have had a very busy spring and summer at home and haven't been playing as much music lately but new shows are on the horizon so check out our schedule.  We miss all the folks from the Wine Merchants so much and would love to see you again!

Thank you to the Wine Merchants for a wonderful 7 years! 

We regret to inform everyone that our standing, monthly, show at the Wine Merchants will no longer continue due to higher musical licensing fees for the live music.  We have so enjoyed the time spent there with you all and hope to have new opportunities for you to come out and be with us again very soon.  Please keep watching the website for more scheduling updates.  Thank you so much for supporting us there and making us feel like family.  We love you all!

Hilda's Place tonight! 

Come out and join us in Pilot Mtn for a special show.  It may be your last chance to catch us until 2019 as we have a busy non-music related December coming up.  We'll keep you posted on our December 14th Wine Merchants show so stay tuned.

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