We are excited to add what we believe will be an exciting possibility for you and some of your closest new and old friends and family. We will travel and perform live for you in your living room or room of choice.  It can be a party, back yard gathering, or possibly a more formal concert.

What is a Living Room Concert?

While we absolutely love performing at parties and other personal festivals, the Living Room Concert would be a sit down "concert" in your living room, deck, or yard focused around the music specifically. You can enjoy a close up  experience of the music and the stories behind the songs. Sound reinforcement would only be necessary if the host prefers it.  As a host you have the option of inviting friends and family or anyone you wish to enjoy the experience.  These concerts never fail to be a moving experience and are our favorite shows to perform.  

Call us at 336-829-1640 for information on fees and dates.